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Why isn't my blinkers working but my hazard lights are?

1998 Pontiac sunfire

My blinkers aren't making noise or working but my hazards lights are making noise and working

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@steph84 since they share a relay and the same switch, I'd be checking the fuse. Hazard and Turn signal fuses are separate.

Block Image

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Ok thanks so much I'll give that a try I really don't understands the grid you just gave me but I'll get someone to look at it


Basically, check the fuses FIRST. If all check out good then take it to someone who can read electrical diagrams.


Ok thanks again


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Not sure if this will help anyone, but I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L Well a wk ago my blinkers, front & back just stop working, but flashers, headlights, brake lights & high beams work just fine. But no radio, cab lights, mirrors or OBD reader, along with the blinkers. So replaced (Thermal Fuse) then everything starts working, but the blinkers, so now I’m thinking what the heck. Well I’m being told 1 light bulb goes out, they all stop working eventually. Then I remembered, 2 wks ago, I noticed my passenger front blinker wasn’t blinking, but the others were at that time. So I decided to go check the bulbs, sure enough 1 was blown, the front passenger side & that fixed my problem, so I hope this helps anyone that’s looking for an answer, on why this happens. I’m still not sure why the fuse goes out in the first place, being that it was a bulb. Maybe they both just went out at same time, who knows.

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