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2,5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,1 GHz) mit 3 MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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How should I approach trouble shooting a dead MacBook Pro?

This is my daughter's laptop and worked great until a series of unfortunate events. While it was open and running, she put a paper plate with warm food on the keyboard. The plate developed moisture on the bottom of it and it dripped down into the laptop.

She moved the plate to eat and at the same time went to start a video. She noticed that selected keys would not work and the trackpad wouldn't work. She then closed the clamshell for a while.

Later she opened it up and it was in the same situation. She then powered it down and used a cotton ball and alcohol and rubbed down the entire keyboard, trackpad and inside shell of the laptop believing it would displace any moisture. It then sat there overnight and the next day, it wouldn't turn on.

We can attach it to power and the LED on the power adapter does show charging then switch to green indicating full charging.

I'm trying to figure out what is wrong. Did the logic board get fried? Did the trackpad die? Can I fix this or is it permanently dead.

What advice can you give me to approach this?

Edit** inserting image to show the looping error message I get when trying to reinstall macOS Sierra to the internal SSD drive.

Block Image

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What does it do when you press the power on button? Any sounds or lights?


When I'm booted using the external hard drive and using command R, I've tried to reinstall macOS Sierra twice. It goes through the entire process of installation and then reboots itself in an attempt to launch the new OS on the internal SSD hard drive (which drive utility says is OK).

As it boots up, I get error messages in a loop. I'm inserting a picture I took of it with my iPhone:


Think this points to a messed up logic board?


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If the trackpad was dead it would probably still boot. The logic board may be shot. If you do open it, try cleaning it with Isopropyl Alcohol directly on the board and then dry it.

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I've opened the bottom of the case. Would I clean with Isopropyl Alcohol on what I see there? Or do I need to further disassemble it to clean the back side of the board? I'm looking at the side where all the chips are visible.


You would want to clean where you thought water contacted. You should look for corrosion or water damage as a sign.


I don't see any water damage or corrosion, but I do see a lot of dust. I guess I have to remove the logic board and see what the other side looks like.


You should certainly remove the dust, but be careful removing the logic board.


Fully cleaned and replaced the logic board. Applied power (cable showed charging) and pressed the power key. It powered right up to the login, but we can't log in because at least two keys that are in the password are dead. We press them and nothing shows. i.e. the cursor doesn't advance. While typing this update, I noticed the laptop screen went black and I can't seem to wake it up. Pressing on the power button does nothing. What do you suppose this means?


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i turned on my macbook air and it has sound of water rushing. But all areas are working. What on earth is this? Sounds like the days of of a Celeron driven computer. Please help….

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