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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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How to replace CODE PO193 FUEL RAIL PRESSURE SENSOR 2007 Ford Focus

I have a 2007 FORD FOCUS 2.0 and according to Smog Check station it didn't pass. So, had to go to AUTO ZONE and had them test it and the code shows P0193 FUEL RAIL PRESSURE SENSOR. I have about 298,000 miles on the vehicle. How to replace it.. FORD Dealer estimate around $500 to $600.

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I find when you have a P093 code its usually caused by a plugged fuel filter. Start there reset the codes and drive it for a day if the code comes back move on to the fuel pump. If a pump has been pushing fuel through a clogged filter for some time it can tend to loose pressure so check the pressure on the rail . If you do need to replace the sensor this video will help


This is a good place to buy


Hope this helps

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I replaced my sensor and it only cost $10 on line. 2005 ford focus


Where online did u purchase the sensor?


@nazare rockauto.com has all the sensors you'll need


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@vadford2007 remember that there are a few causes of this error code. So you do want to make sure that you check all of it:

Faulty Rail Pressure (FRP) Sensor

FRP harness is open or shorted

FRP circuit poor electrical connection

Faulty Fuel Pump

Faulty Fuel Filter

The FRP sensor is located top center of the fuel rail to the injectors. It has a wiring plug and a vacuum line connected to it. If you post some images of your engine, I am certain we can point it out for you. To replace it, you should always first release the pressure on the fuel line. You can accomplish this by removing the Fuel Pump (FP) control module fuse in your fuse box. Then start the engine and allow it to idle until it stalls. Once it stalls you can try to crank it over a couple of times for any residual pressure. Disconnect your battery (make sure that you have a radio code just in case your vehicles radio needs it) Unplug your vacuum line and your electrical plug. Then use a wrench to remove the sensor....

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