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Device and repair guides for the RCA 10 Viking Pro, an Android tablet with detachable keyboard that can be identified by model number RCT6303W87 DK.

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I have a cracked screen

I have read good information on replacing a screen. However, where do I get a new replacement screen? Also, are there people available to replace it for me?

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@sharonpink if you can give us your tablets model number, I am sure we can find the right screen,


RCT6K03W13H1 I think that is the model number. Please realize you are dealing with a non-techy great grandma who wants to learn how to use this devise for more than playing Scrabble. If this can be fixed, I will look for a manual so I can learn.


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From the model number you gave us, this appears to be the part you'll need:



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I need to replace the screen, this product offered is a protective case. So this did not answer my need. However, I may purchase a case in the future. Right now, I need a new screen.


This was helpful, but did nothing to correct the problem, However, I was prevented from answering no. So, this was most helpful for finding a protective item for my screen, but did nothing to replace the cracked screen.



The part I linked to you is what is called a digitizer. It sits between the display and your finger and allows you to "touch" objects on the display. If there is just crack on the screen and the display seems fine, you'll just need this part. If the screen shows discolored or distorted images, you will need to purchase a digitizer as well as an LCD display:


This will be an exceedingly difficult repair and will cost a lot for someone to repair for you. You are looking at a bill that could be easily twice or 3 times what the tablet is worth. Unfortunately, in this case, you will be better off getting a new tablet. :(



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Okay so I literally just got this Tablet and I dunno what happened but the crack seems as if someone had stepped on it. I got it at Walmart and we got the warranty but I dont know if it supports broken screens which I'm assuming it doesn't. The funny thing is I'm twelve and I can't tell me grandma because I just got it last Monday. Yeah I'm irresponsible as !&&* but I really need help with this so could anyone help me?

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Go to a Verizon store. they will fix it if they have the right size screen in stock. it is expensive, tho.

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also, ask them if they can check the insides to make sure that none of the curcuits or wiring is snapped or smashed.


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