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A1466 (2013 MacBook Air) screen assembly compatible with the A1369

Hope someone can help. I have a late 2010 13.3" MacBook Air screen assembly that I want to replace. (As I've heard it's easier than changing just the LCD.)

Now, I live in South Africa, where parts are rare and expensive. However, I have been offered a complete, but broken 2013 MacBook Air for cheaper than a A1369 screen assembly. (I believe the motherboard is busted.)

So, not sure if it differs per region(UK/US)/model, but are the 2013 assembly cables longer than the late 2010 A1369, and do the cables have the same connectors? (for the Webcam, WIFI antenna and LCD?) (bearing in mind that I will be removing the assembly from a factory A1466 MacBook Air.)

I did read that one of the models (A1369/A1466) have shorter cables than the other. Not sure which one?

If the length is right on the A1466's, I believe it will reach and plug right into the A1369. Are there any other compatibility issues I should be aware of?

Really appreciate if anyone has any insight to this problem, and if anyone has done a repair of the A1369 with a A1466 screen assembly.

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For the full lid assemblies, 2010-2012 are compatible and 2013-present are compatible. The screen itself will work, however the camera cable definitely won't (too long and different connector) and I'm not sure about the wifi antennas off the top of my head.

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Yep the cables are short. Best to get the correct part


Thanks Reece. Appreciate the answer. So to confirm: The 2010-2012, full screen assembly (lids) are fully compatible with the A1369 (including webcam and wifi antenna connectors/cable lengths) whereas others are only partially compatible?

Will keep my eyes out for a 2010-2012 screen assembly lid.


@imacjaz the 2012 model is an A1466, but it uses the same screen assembly as the 2010 and 2011 A1369. Basically 2010-2012 assemblies are cross compatible; they have the shorter camera cable. The 2013-2015 are also under model number A1466, but the assembly uses a different camera connector and possibly different wifi antennas, so look for a 2010-2012 assembly


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