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The LG VX5300 is a flip phone.

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Phone randomly dying all the time

Recently I've been having this problem with my LG VX5300, I have had it for 9 years now and it worked just fine until today when I turned it on and it suddenly just turned off again. I turned on the power several more times, when I closed the lid it just died. Is it time to replace the phone or just the battery. Oh and it is fully charged.

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@focalor if you have not replaced the battery yet, start with that. your issues sound like that is what is needed to fix it. Follow this guide right up to step 5 to get to it. No reason to replace the phone if a new battery will resolve the issue.

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id say its a good opportunity to replace the device. Its done well to last as long as it has. Repairs on a phone like this wont be easy and parts will be borderline impossible to find

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