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Der OP-1 ist eine mobile Musik-Workstation mit integriertem Synthesizer, Sampler, Sequencer, Multitrack Recorder, Drum Machine, Mixer und Controller.

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How to remove a stripped screw?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a completely stripped screw?

My op1 got run over by a truck (no joke) and although it works it's all mangled. I'm trying to take everything out so I can hammer the case back to the right shape. Because of the mangledness one of the screws just would not come out, and now it's stripped. I've tried the rubber band trick, as well as setting the head of a screwdriver with super glue. Neither has worked.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi Anon,

sorry to hear about your damaged OP-1. You may think about sending TE pictures of it and that it still works. might be good promotion and maybe they can help you with some spare parts or screws.

Getting a stripped screw out is a difficult mission. You probably found this technique page and tried some methods (rubber band, super glue like you mentioned):

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I guess its one of the screws right on the keyboard. Those are countersunk head screws and you can't get a grip on them. Also you won't be able to cut them with a rotary tool. So eventually you probably need to drill it out by using a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw and get at least the head off.

I hope you will be able to get the OP-1 back in shape. Crossing fingers for you.

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