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Angekündigt im März 2015, erschien das Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge am 10. April 2015, als die Version mit gekrümmtem Bildschirm von Samsung neustem Flaggschiff-Smartphone.

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Phone won't load unless it's connected to the power outlet

Hello guys,

So I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with weird symptoms:

- The phone won't pass the Samsung logo and then it will reload doing the same over and over again.

- If I plug my phone to the power outlet it will load and will work just fine, when I unplug it it will turn off.

So everything might point to the battery, right? But....

- If I have my phone unplugged and join the Odin recovery Mode it will not turn off no matter the time I have it in Odin (full brightness screen).

So if it's a battery issue why when entering in Odin recovery it can last hours on?

Also, I don't think it's a software issue cause Ive tried with different OS with different tools (officials & Unofficial).

Have anyone faced this issue or what are you thoughts on this?



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It indeed sounds like it's a battery issue; if it stays on when you're plugged in, that means your charge port is likely fully functional. However if unplugged, it doesn't turn on, that means your battery isn't holding the charge. Get it replaced, though I do suggest that if you do it yourself that you be very careful and use something like the iOpener with iFixit picks and work your way slowly along the back of the device. Hope this helps!

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Hey Sammy, thanks for your reply. But Any reason you might think that it holds charge when it's in Odin recovery mode? It's kinda weird. It can easily stays in recovery mode for an hour without powering off.


One hour honestly doesn't sound like a lot, But I would definitely be wary of the battery being the problem. Just to make sure, you have tried various chargers and cables, correct?


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