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Now I'm one of those people

Did two handfuls, literally, of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Had to do a warranty on a camera. Put the new camera on, and now the home button won't work! Yay! What else doesn't work? The camera! Tried two different displays and an oem one. Sometimes the home button works, most times not. I realize I'm supposed to be the resident iPhone expert, but I threw a bicycle pump across the shop after dealing with this. Any ideas? @mayer @oldturkey03 @refectio @pccheese @gigabit87898 @everybody else I forgot

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Try it without the camera you replaced.


Isn't an iPhone 7 less than a year old, and hence still covered under Apple Warranty?


So let me get this straight: You replaced the camera and the camera and home button don't work. Right?


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When I run into frustrations like this, I have learned to walk away from it, go take a nap and let my mind clear. 50% of the time i will wake up and know the answer.

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better throwing a bike pump rather than the phone. I know ive had the urge to do so. A nap works too


I told her 24 hours. Tried again this morning. One of the local shops advised me to just give her a refund, and get it out of my shop. Which I did. But I still want to know the answer! Which is difficult cause phone is gone now. Also my neighbor whom advised me said "yeah, we've had that. You can keep tinkering, or get rid of a gigantic headache" What I don't understand is the intermittent action...ya know now that I think about it, the button did work without the camera...


Also the warranty on the camera, was an issue with the microphone/speaker. Think I hurt it while removing it


A damaged / defective front camera assembly can cause the home button to stop working.

Especially if you plug it upside down while testing the front camera without installing it fully.

I guess the issue here right now is getting reliable replacement parts for the front camera assembly.


Telling her 24 hrs was part of the problem. You put a deadline on yourself and additional pressure. I've done the same thing myself. You want to please the customer but it then ends up where you lose and the customer loses.

As Scotty on the Enterprises did, always tell them it is going to take twice as long as you think it is. Then when you finish in half the time, you're a genius instead of an incompetent out of work technician.


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