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water leaking from iron

leaking water: My rowenta iron is leaking water from the back.

Update (06/29/2017)

Thank you for responding. I didn't explain my problem fully. The water is leaking from the back of the soleplate of the iron. It is not leaking from the holes in the metal soleplate. It appears as if I can take the back off the iron and clean it and tighten the screw (appears to not be tightened all the way). Do you think this would work? I am a 67 year old grandmother who is not very technically inclined.

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I am having a similar problem. I pull stuff apart all the time, my dad's a mechanic so, he taught me to be a little handy. I pulled the whole thing apart and there seems to be seepage between the plate that the thermostat and the metal sole plate that it is inserted into. Looks kinda like the rubber gasket is to thin in that area. The iron also smells like hot or about to burn sugar/syrup. That sweet but yucky and a little weird smell. I got the iron from a friend of my son's, so I don't have anything invested and it's a really nice iron. If it's fixable, I'd like to salvage it.


Hi @jessiedear ,

Try searching online for "(insert make and model number of iron) spare parts" to see if there are any "gaskets" or "seals" available.

It may be that the gasket (seal?) is part of the thermostat part and only comes with that.

Check that the internal wiring hasn't got that heated/burnt/faded look. Hot plastic insulation can have a funny smell even when cooled down.

If you manage to fix it ensure that the iron is electrically safe by testing it with an Ohmmeter (power disconnected of course) to ensure that it is properly earthed etc.

Just a thought.


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Household irons can drip and spit out liquid water from the holes in the metal sole plate instead of producing steam if you have set the temperature too low.

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But leaking can be from behind the plate


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