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The Intellivision is a video game console released by Mattel in 1979.

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Where in canada can I go to have my controller repaired?

my first player controller isn't being as responsive as it could be where can I take it for service?

Update (07/01/2017)

It's the super pro system.

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wendy o Koopa inside the controller is a plastic sheet with a circuit silk- screened on it. This is the Membrane Printed Circuit Board (MPCB). Pieces of the circuit can chip off and cause the controller to delay or not work. This can be repaired by cleaning out the MPCB with a soft brush or cloth. Until you may find someone in your area that can help you, I would at least take a look at it. Use this service manual Intellivision Service Manual to work on your console. Happy Canada Day 150.

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Sadly the screws are rusted


Use a small drill or Dremel tool to cut off the screw heads.


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I'd ask @refectio


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