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Modell A1136 mit 30, 60, oder 80 GB Festplatte / Front aus schwarzem oder weißem Kunststoff.

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iPod will not turn ON Ideas?

My ipod will not turn on and is not recognized by my pc or itunes. I have tried charging the battery and resetting the ipod as describe through apple's website. It just does nothing not even light up. Battery life was always exceptional. Ideas?

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Mike, the first thing that I would do is to replace the battery. You can of course open it and check the connection of the battery and see if it is on. Also pay close attention to the actual connector, the 5th gen has an issue with the connector coming of the logic board :) step 5 of the guide. iPod 5th Generation (Video) Akkuwechsel good luck and let us know what happened.

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Ok. So I replaced the battery and set it to charge but the ipod never lit up or indicated it was charging. I continued to recheck my work all ok. I used a wall outlet charger that is known to be good. I made sure it was off hold and tried to reset it with no response. My pc still does not recognize the ipod being connected.


At this point with all your connections being in good working order and your battery being new my best guess from here would be that it is your logic board that needs to be replaced. Sorry, wish I would have a better answer for you. iPod Video (30 GB) Logic Board


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Common error amongst these iPods, the magic trick is getting it into service mode. Youtube videos are plenty online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsWgCLAvt...

Basically connect iPod to Mac / PC, hold menu + enter till restart, then do the same again but before the apple logo (with black background, not the faded grey) quickly switch and hold menu + backward (left), until the service mode appears.

Run all the tests automatically (note: some require interaction), when service test is done, just restart again (menu + enter) while connected to Mac / PC, and wait for it to get recognized by the computer.

(This is especially useful, once the battery is sort of completely empty, doesn't matter how long the iPod has been laying in the dust while turned on.)

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You may wish to try plugging it into your computer, opening up the Disk Utility app, and see if it shows up in the left hand pane. Go from there - it may be a software issue. My 80 GB 5th Generation iPod Classic showed a dead screen, and now I'm getting a faint 'Please wait - Very low battery' issue on the screen, so it's probably my battery, although I've basically only used it as a storage device - go figure.

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