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Mitte 2009 Modell A 1278 / 2,26 oder 2,53 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor EMC 2336

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Need help locating and jumping power connector

I have seen other unanswered posts to this same question: on the unmarked PCB motherboards on these newer MBPs, where are the power pins for the jump start? My power button does not work, so trying to rule out bad motherboard. Thanks!

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So basically, I should try replacing the keyboard and power button first to see if it is damaged, or should i try to boot up with them unplugged? This model is new to me, and I have already tried all of the resets to no avail. As far as I can tell, the power button does not work at all. My battery works, it shows all LEDs for charge, the power adapter has a strong green LED.


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You wont find jumps on the logic board so far as I know, the signal is converted into digital information before it leaves the Upper case. If there is a jump point it would likely be on the Upper Case, which due to the unibody's construction is quite difficult to reach. Good luck on your search.

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