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Model A1199 / mit 2, 4, oder 8 GB Kapazität

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Why do my songs stop before the end?

Half of the songs I have loaded into my iPod 2nd Generation Nano end before they reach the end of the song.

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It is possible that this is caused by the software that these songs were ripped with. Also, does it happen to songs that you ripped with iTunes? What format is your music? Anyhow, you can try this first just to see if it will make a difference. Select more than one record, right click and choose “Get Info” You will get a screen that has a series of drop down options on the last row. Each has a check box associated with it. I found that setting the check box beside the “Gapless Album” drop-down box and clicking OK fixes the the playback problem for me, especially annoying if you listen to audio books:) Don’t change the “Gapless Album” value. It defaults to NO with all the other options as well. Good luck and let us know if it works otherwise we'll continue to look for resolutions.

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