Updated Software & Now The Nabi Is Messed Up!

I did a software update for my sons Nabi 2s. It changed everything with the Nabi including the layout. Didn't really bother me because all his music & pictures & games we downloaded was still there. But when I went to turn the Nabi off for the night, it wouldn't power off. Before all you had to do was hit the power button & then you hit power off & a notification would pop up saying cancel or okay, click okay & it would turn it off, Now since the update it don't do that! I called Nabi Care, the lady told me maybe its because the New Update don't have the options as what the old software had, she told me to hold the power button in until the Nabi automatically shut its self down. So I did it & it worked, got off the phone with her & when I went to turn it back on somehow someway half of the homescreens were gone!! And also the games we downloaded wasn't on the homescreens anymore. I was able to go into All Apps & manually add like 7 apps to the homescreen. I couldn't add anymore because there was no room due to some of the homescreens being gone & also when I did the update it automatically had put preloaded apps on it & It won't let me delete or move them from the homescreens. Does anyone know what happend or what I should do?? Why won't it power off the way it should?? Why did it delete homescreens?? And How Can I Get More Homescreens? PLEASE HELP! THANKS!! :)

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