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Das Apple iPhone 5c wurde am 10. September 2013 angekündigt. Ausgerüstet mit Schraubenziehern und Hebelwerkzeugen, geht die Reparatur ähnlich vonstatten wie bei den Vorgängermodellen. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA mit 8, 16 oder 32 GB in weiß, pink, gelb, blau und grün.

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iPhone 5c Bottom Microphone Static

I bought my roommate's iPhone 5C off him the other day, and everything was fine for 2 days, but then I had to replace the Display assembly, and since then my bottom microphone sounds like a metallic static mess when I use Siri, and record front facing videos. I'll try to upload a sample later on.

I've tried replacing the dock connector assembly 3 different times, with different units every time, and still no luck. The headphones, charging jack, and speaker all work perfect.

The weird thing is, Voice Memo, the Google app, and Facebook Messenger, can all hear my voice fine, and I'm not so sure it's using the rear mic, because when I tap on the bottom mic from the outside, the waveform spikes, which means it can tell I'm tapping, thus it can hear me.

It's been really well taken care of, the previous owner was extremely careful with it, and had put a 2 inch Otterbox on it, and as far as I know, there's no damage of any kind, and I didn't see any reason to think it had any, when I replaced the screen.

Any help is hugely appreciated,

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Try refitting the front facing camera.

The camera flex also has a microphone which is used for videos ect.

Make sure the microphone is lined up correctly on the rubber gasket and that you have removed the small piece of plastic that keeps the adhesive sticky on the gasket itself.

If after that it doesn't work, just replace the camera flex.

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Oh I wasn't aware there was m adhesive strip at all. Is it possible I damaged it when replacing the screen? How can I tell?


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The front camera is used during calls when speakerphone mode is activated.

While the phone is in speakerphone the phone will:

- Use the loudspeaker (the speaker located at the bottom right of the phone)

- The secondary microphone located on the front camera assembly.

I am almost certain that the front camera assembly got damaged during screen replacement.

Voice memos recording and phone calls without speakerphone activated uses the bottom microphone, the one that is part of the charging port assembly.

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