Das iPhone 6 mit dem 4,7 Zoll Display ist die kleinere Version des iPhone 6 Plus und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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Screen retention nuts have fallen out of place, need help returning

I removed the pentalobe screws from the bottom of the phone without difficulty and tilted back the screen assembly with the intention of checking the voltage of the battery. I noticed a tiny squarish piece of metal stuck in some adhesive inside the phone. I removed it with tweezers to discover that it was threaded and had a beveled edge.

When I tried to reassemble the phone, the pentalobe screws were not tightening. I reopened the phone and found another of the tiny, threaded, squarish pieces. These seem to be the retention nuts for the pentalobe screws. They don't appear to be broken.

Does anyone have any instructions for putting them back into place?

Update (07/13/2017)

Picture as requested:

Block Image

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The bottom pentalobe screws are typically threaded into the rear housing unit.

Are you able to take a photo of the metal you are referring to? as we may be able to better advise you on specifics.


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That's not a defect--that's a feature! My personal iPhone 6 has no pentalobes, or battery cover/screws, or lcd shield/screws. Been like that for well over a year. I like being able to drop my phone in the water and not worry about it because I can instantly disconnect power. A fingernail around the edge, pop the battery and screen, dry with a paper towel and good to go. Just happened yesterday. Boat cup holder meets iPhone.

If your OCD requires you to put the pentalobes back in, then this is a job for a teeny tiny tweezer tip and some glue and press the brackets back on--that's how the pentalobe brackets are put on there in the first place. They fit into notches on the bottom of the screen--you'll see their spot. Know how I know this? because while sitting here I just fingernail popped off my screen to check on them :)


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lol, I never even looked at the screen. In regard to your own modus operandi, do you keep a bag of rice in your pocket, as well? ;-)


Heavens no, rice does nothing for electronics. The right tool for the job is a paper towel.


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I'd be extremely worried if one spent so much time liquid spilling their phone that they didn't even bother with putting the screws back into the case.

The screws not being present can make the digitiser touch response slightly off, as the screen 'sponges' slightly.

this would drive me nuts.

Those brackets are not supposed to be removed, but can be glued back to the screen if need be. It was more than likely a little too much pressure put on them while removing it that caused it.

or perhaps the screws were not fully removed before the screen was pulled up?

Block Image

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The little buggers are too hard to hold onto to glue into place. I think I'll just order a new bezel.


There aren't many places where you can get the bezel separate unfortunately... It may mean getting a replacement display unit (digitizer and LCD unit)

The other option... the iPhone 6S models are shipped with a mini tape kit that is aimed at making it more water resistant along the displays edges. It encompasses the entire display.

You could try getting one of them and attaching it to the housing unit with the aim of keeping the display still and tight.

It'll cost you £3 instead of £60-100 (you can get non-apple displays cheaper, but its not recommended)

The display will be a little tougher to take out, but the removal process is the same on the 6S as the 6, so it wont be that much more difficult to remove it necessary.

but you hopefully shouldn't need to remove it for some time.


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