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Apple iPhone 7 Plus - Logicboard dead?

Hello everybody,

I got an iPhone 7 Plus, which felt down from an carousel.

From this point on, the phone doesnt work anymore.

I replaced battery, LCD screen & dock connector, but I get the following reaction:

The logicboard gets very very hot but it the screen wont turn on and just keeps black.

It also cant be found on iTunes.

I can turn it on by Power-Button, but thats all I can do.

I only know by the temperature, that it turn on.

Maybe anyone of you have a suggestion for me, what I can try.

Best Regards

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It needs looking at by a logic board specialist.

The heat indicates an electrical short somewhere on the logic board.

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Its not an original battery, maybe this causes the heat?

I also got the original battery, it smells like it lithium, maybe the old battery killed the logic board, is that possible?


No, it's not the lithium. I've seen this before, but I haven't found the answer


Thank you very much!

Do you got any suggestions I can do without an logic board specialist?

I tested it also with the old battery and I think it gets warms (normal temperature) but still wont show anything.

Do you know any logic board specialist in Germany?

Best Regards


Regarding lithium, its the same smell like when an iPhone battery gets opened.


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