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Why is my Initial Time Machine backup taking forever

I purchased the ifixit battery replacement for my mid2012 mbp. Before attempting this project I decided to do a backup (I know, why have I waited 5 years to start backing things up, sorry). I connected a network hard drive (WD/myCloud) 4tb and proceeded on to my first backup. The MBP has a 500gb SDD with about 100gb free.

The Time machine has been running for three days now and it says Backing up 26gb of 28gb, those number are slowly increasing. so, it said backing up 15 gb of 18gb yesterday.

What's wrong? this is clearly not working, so before I pull the plug and start over, does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, I started it over, disabled the wifi, plugged into the same hub as the drive, and this time it says "backing up X of 265gb". So I think this working, although it is saying 12 hours remaining and it has been running for 12 already.

As for the format, it was pre-formatted and it says it has built in functionality to support OSX time machine backups.

I'll report back in 12 hours :)

Thanks for the advice.


What I finally ended up doing was to simply go buy a USB drive and hook it up directly. took about 8 hours to back up the initial 250gb.


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Sounds like a wi-fi connection problem to me. Now the cart before the horse. You need to back it up before going after the connection problem. So I would start over and use a direct ethernet connection. Did you format the WD to GUID or leave it FAT? or MS DOS? Time Machine backup seem to work better on GUID drives.

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