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Modell A1418 / Ende 2013 / 2,7 & 2,9 GHz Core i5 oder 3,1 GHz Core i7 Prozessor

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Pops/cracks with cpu at 60% use

My iMac starts making popping noises when the CPU reaches about 60% usage.

Below that is perfect with no different sound. I've tested it and nothing changes regardless of temperature. Only when the CPU passes the 60% does the crackling noise start.

Has anyone had this or is this a problem?

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Noise issues tend to be hard to nail down. Make sure you have not created the problem by first disconnecting all of the externally connected devices. Also make sure your AC outlet is properly grounded and you are using either a good surge suppressor or a UPS. Sometimes noise can enter your system from a connected device or power line that is not properly grounded. If after that you still have an issue its within your system.

Lucky you gave us a good clue here, the load of the CPU has a correlation. To be doubly sure I would recommend you run both Activity Monitor (in your utility folder) and TG Pro to make sure you aren't hitting a heat issue.

As long as you're not overheating the issue is likely within the main logic board one of the noise caps. The tricky part here is isolating which one is failing. If you can I would visit an Apple Store to see if this is covered under an extended warranty as it could be a defective part. Otherwise you are either looking at replacing the logic board or finding someone with the needed skills and tools to isolate which cap needs replacing.

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Thank you Dan,

I did test in 2 different houses and using nobreak, it took a little more time for the snaps to start, I think it may be a problem in the power supply board because it only requires more of the cpu that the snaps begin, 1 week ago I took a Technical Assistance and They do not know what it can be.



@mmarsica - Check the heat levels using TG Pro.

You are correct, it's a power issue but not in the way you think. Power supplies which are bad tend to have a noise issue all of the time. It tends to be a frequency noise which may go up or down as the system pulls more or less power.

A collection of capacitors are tasked to filter the noise away into the ground plane of the systems logic board. These tend to create pops as you described.


I'm going to take a technical assistance to do the tests, you already gave a way of what can be.

If I can solve the problem send the solution that was made.

Thank you again Dan.


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