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13" Aluminium Unibody, 2,0 oder 2,4 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor.

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Wi-Fi is not working but bluetooth works

I upgraded the keyboard of my MacBook recently, this tutorial helped me at the point to do the stuff: Upgrading your 2.0Ghz 13" Aluminum Unibody Macbook to a Backlit keyboard

After installing the new keyboard, the keyboard works well, but the Wi-Fi says "No hardware installed", i tryed to reset the SMC and NVRAM, the result is the same "No hardware installed". But the Bluetooth works well, the system monitors says that is there no Wi-Fi Card or something else, but the Bluetooth get listed.

My next try to fix the problem was to install the MacOs on a new drive to check for software failure, this changed nothing.

Did I damage one specific cable? Which one? Or it is something else?

Thank you in advance

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Check your antenna cables. They're the thin black cables coming out of the display hinge. Make sure they're connected and check for damage, maybe even reseat them. The metal connectors can be easily squished, so be gentle with them.

Update (07/19/2017)

Assuming the connectors on the display and the connectors on the airport card look I damaged.....yes, it sounds like a bad airport card.

To double check that you’re having a hardware issue....you should boot to the recovery partition (Command+R when starting up)....then in the recovery partition, you should have access to the airport/wifi settings to see if you can connect to a wifi network. You can also use a safari browser in the help menu too. Doing this rules out any software corruption that is possible in your OS.

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Checked the cables but nothing changed. I removed the display assembly and checked all the cables of AirPort Card, reseted the SMC and NVRAM, Bluetooth working, the Cam in the display works well but Wi-Fi says the same since yesterday, "No hardware installed", at the moment i think maybe the AirPort is partial broken? Because all other elements works nicely.


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