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Why doesn't keyboard and trackpad work after battery replacement?

I replaced a dead battery on my MacBook Pro and now the keyboard and trackpad aren't working. The battery works fine, but the fans come on like gangbusters and won't go off. I can use a remote keyboard and plug in mouse but the fans blow and blow. I did my best to reconnect the track board ribbon but clearly something is amiss. Help!

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It sounds to me like something just isn't connected properly. IIRC there's a temp sensor integrated into the touchpad, and if it's disconnected the fans will run full blast. I'd probably just re-do the repair and reseat each connector really carefully, making sure the ribbons are straight and fully inserted, and that they aren't connected upside-down or damaged in any way. Let us know what you find. Good luck!

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Yeah I would recommend doing what Jeff said. If the trackpad isn't clicking anymore something went wrong during the battery replacement. Resetting NVRAM and SMC won't fix that. I would just open it up again and redo it very carefully.

Also you should be able to reset NVRAM and SMC via USB keyboards for future reference.


Thank you for your support. I will try opening it up again.


Good news! I replaced the keyboard/trackpad ribbon, and everything is working perfectly! Thanks for all your help!


After changing a new battery A1331 for a 2009 Macbook "click" does not work. After following your advice I reinstalled to noavail. However I did use the Command Option F5 and was able to click on most items to gain some functionality but not all. I took the battery out again I noticed on the new battery a removable plastic piece "hotdog" shaped immediately to the right of the center black screw along the top where the connector cable for the battery is located. It was not on the old battery. NSK-C4 818-0952 is stamped on the back of the piece.


I don't often return to thank previous posters, but I certainly feel compelled this time. Replacing the flex ribbon cable did the trick! I was dubious, especially as the original piece looked so pristine, but there you go. Done. New battery installed and now have my KB and trackpad back again.


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Have you tried reseting the PRAM/NVRAM or SMC?

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Thank you--this was one of the first things I tried. The keyboard doesn't work, so pushing down keys, even to reset these, has no effect. It does light up, though. I tried with the computer off, and I tried with it on. I tried with a bluetooth keyboard. I turned bluetooth on and off. Nothing works.

At this point the computer works with a bluetooth keyboard and plug-in mouse. The problem is the fans going full speed, which tells me something is wrong. The computer was fine before I changed the battery--it turned on when plugged in, and the keyboard and trackpad worked. Now the trackpad won't click, so I have obviously done something wrong putting the thing back together. I have done successful repairs on another MacBook pro, but I'm afraid this one made a mess of things on this trackpad/battery assembly. Thanks though, for your help.


A new trackpad/keyboard ribbon fixed everything! Not only are both now working perfectly, but the fans have stopped (though they still work). Thanks for your help!


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