Why does my screen cut off during phone calls and not cut back on?

This particular device has had the screen assembly replaced three times. I'm aware of the power button issues that arise with this particular model and we've replaced many of them for customers. But this particular issue I believe is coming from the proxy sensor and possibly a combination of that sensor WITH the power button. I've made sure the grommet for the proxy sensor is in place and I scratched some of the color from the lens where the proxy looks through to ensure enough light is coming through. After that didn't work I colored it back in and even attempted another Alcatel grommet that fit it. The phone functions fine until the second you make a phone call. The screen goes black, the call continues but the screen will not come back on until the other end has ended the phone call. A lot of voicemails have been left due to issue. Software issue? Another proxy tweak I haven't tried?

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