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Das Galaxy S7 Edge ist die Variante mit gekrümmtem Bildschirm von Samsungs 2016 Flaggschiff-Smartphone, dem Galaxy S7. Angekündigt im Februar 2016 und am 11. März 2016 veröffentlicht. Modell SM-G935.

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Not charging after I dropped the S7 edge in wet sand

We were taking pictures at the beach and i accidentally dropped my wife's S7 Edge in some wet sand. We rinsed it off in fresh water and let it dry as we always have even with my S8+ when i used it in salt water. Her S7 Edge started acting up a little bit with charging, it was on and off and would not stay charging. She thinks it may still have sand in the port but i cleaned it out thoroughly. Anyone know if this could be a permanent issue with the phone or do we just need to keep attempting to clean it out?

PS: Wireless charging does work

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Hi Brian!

I'm sorry to hear about your phone. My guess is that there's sand still blocking the port and/or that it needs more time to dry out. I've submerged my S7 edge in a bathtub and it took 2 days for the speakers to sound clear and about a day and a half for the charging port to function again. In the meantime, I used wireless charging.

To clean out any remaining sand, I'd use a can of compressed air (be sure to keep it upright). If you've cleaned it out sufficiently and are confident you dried it out as much as possible, there's a chance the charging port was damaged to the point of needing repaired. We do sell the Galaxy S7 edge charging daughter board which can revive your port but fingers crossed it just needs a little more time to recoup.

If you do end up repairing it, keep in mind the phone will no longer be waterproof once breaking the adhesive seal ;(

Good luck!

Galaxy S7 Edge Charging Daughter Board (AT&T) Bild


Galaxy S7 Edge Charging Daughter Board (AT&T)


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Thank you so much for that information!! Yea drying it out and blowing into it with compressed air actually worked. The phone is now charging but at times it will think it is wet so it displays the check port notice but at least its charging!


Glad to help Brian :)


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Don”t blow on it, that just pushes the moisture and sand further in. Use a vacuum to suck t all out, works a lot better.

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