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Computer overheating, no dust, fan working.

Hi all,

So I have an 8 month old aspire e5-575 (variant of the 571 series) (8gb RAM / I5-2.5ghz / 1TB HDD / sealed in battery) lately it has begun to overheat with very little provocation. (Area under left hand Palm-rest) becoming unsettlingly hot, the only thing in this area is about a quarter of the RAM boards, the left speaker, and a small portion of the motherboard. the processor, GPU is nowhere near this area.

I checked to make sure the fan wasn't clogged, no chase, no dust anywhere in the machine. Fan spins normally, however I've noticed that it never seems to increase or decrease in speed.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Also, if anyone has found schematics for this board, I would be curious to see what exactly is on the board on that left hand lower corner!


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We would need more info, how is the thermal paste; in the heatsink area, what do you mean by intermittent speend does it stop ofr a few seconds the go, or simply slows down.

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Thermal past is okay. Heat is clearly being radiated away as the sink near the fan can become quite warm. And the fan never seems to respond to heat by varying it's speed. It doesn't stop. It doesn't slow.



I suggest a new fan


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