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"The worlds smallest 15.6-inch laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning InfinityEdge display all in Dell's most powerful XPS laptop."

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SD card slot damaged, possible to repair?

Hi, community.

For some reason one SD card seems to damage the internal contacts for the SD card slot in my XPS, now it doesn't work anymore. Seems this is integrated and soldered to main board. The board in the aftermarket is valued ~400 USD, plus labor. 30~50 % pct. of the original value of the notebook. I want to know if anyone may know if possible to change the slot receptacle and where to source?

Many thanks!

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Hi @bravenius

If you know how to open up the laptop,

I would suggest you to check, if it is not integrated, take note on it and compare with the seller site description and pictures, e.g. ebay,

else if it is integrated, you need to have good soldering skills, e.g. rework station to remove the card reader and again, check the parts of the card reader mechanism manufacturer from ali express, ebay, etc

else, get a multi usb card reader, as another alternative to read your sd card.

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I had the same issue as you. Did you manage to repair the sd card reader? If yes, can you give the reference of the spare parts?


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