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A collection of guides and support to help with washer repair.

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Why did my washing machine just keep running water for two hours?

My Kenmore 400 washer just over filled and ran water for two hours. Obviously there is a flood in the basement.

Last week I changed the lid switch which should have nothing to do with the water level sensor or however it works.

My question is why did it happen?

Did something come unplugged or become misplaced or miscalibrated? The water never stopped filling in and I do not know why.



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It's only my cold water


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Here is a really good site that explains things like your overflowing washer very well http://www.davesrepair.com/DIYhelp/DIYws... If the washer is off and the machine keeps filling with water, than you must have a water fill valve that is stuck, usually the cold water one. If the machine is on and is overfilling I would think that you have a water level switch that is bad or the hose that attaches to the switch and the bubble on the side of the tub has come loose. I do not think that it has anything to do with your lid switch. Hope this helps and good luck.

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Yeah, that was more or less what the reasons were.


+ nice resource


What does the water fill valve look like?


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@Kevin Case

What is the make and model number of the washer?

If only the cold water, then there may be a problem with the cold water inlet solenoid valve, not closing properly when the power to it is disconnected.

The valves cannot be repaired they have to be replaced.

Knowing the make and model will help to find the correct part, because with some washers the valves come as a set i.e. both hot and cold inlet valves and with others they can be individually replaced.

Also check the mesh filters located in the hose fitting at the washer end of the hoses that supply the water to the machine. If it is damaged then any grit in the water supply can get in and this may lodge in the valve seat stopping it from fully closing. Replacing the filter if damaged won’t fix the valve but may prevent it from happening again to the next one

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