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The BlackBerry Priv is a slider smartphone developed by BlackBerry Limited. Following a series of leaks, it was officially announced by BlackBerry CEO John Chen on September 25, 2015, with pre-orders opening on October 23, 2015 for a release on November 6, 2015. It can run up to Android 6.0.1.

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No Rotation, Sensors loose or broken? Which ones?

My phone fell down yesterday and afterwards I couldn't rotate it anymore.

Also when watching 360° Videos, I cannot look around anymore.

I installed an app to get sensor data, and it's not showing an accelerometer – and there should be a rotation sensor as well, right?

Did that chip unplug when the phone fell down, so that the device is not recognizing it anymore?

Maybe it's just broken?

How can I find out, and is it possible to replace that unit?

Thanks guys!

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A possible hardware reaction to that fall.

Maybe the gyroscope connection or worst the module itself stopped working.

Best to send to a mobile phone repair shop and get it checked.


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After opening the phone (which is a breeze) I realized that the sensors seem to be on-board.

So I tweeted to BlackBerryHelp and they told me to install a analysis app, which reported the sensors to be broken.

That way I could send the phone in and have it repaired.

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