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Aufpolierte Version des iPhone 3GS mit schnelleren Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit. Die Reparatur geht ähnlich wie beim 3G vonstatten und braucht nur einfache Schraubendreher und Hebelwerkzeuge. Modell A1303 mit 16 oder 32 GB Kapazität mit schwarzer oder weißer Kunststoffrückseite.

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After ribbon replacements, phone still not working

Ok, my brother dropped his phone in water. After getting heated as to why it wouldnt work, he basically ripped it apart tearing several ribbons. (heated temper). He sent it to me to sell it for him, but I found this site first. I ended up replacing all the bad ribbons, and put everything back together piece by piece. Now that its all back together correctly, it still wont power on. Any tips?

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try replacing the battery, they often short with water damage. try that and then go from there. once the battery is replaced see if the display works, if not then try itunes to see if it is recognised...

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Ok, I replaced the battery now, put all pieces back together. The phone still wont power on. If its a motherboard issue im hosed. Anymore tips? I thought about going through it and spraying contact cleaner all over it, but not sure if thats gonna solve anything.


Dinobot, I'd stay away from contact cleaner. All you really would have to do is clean the logic board with alcohol and a soft brush. Check all connections and make sure you have no corrosion on it. I am sure you also checked all your ribbon cables etc. I also suppose that reset/restore etc are not responsive. I would think that you have a logic board that got shurtened out by the original submersion. You may just have to get a replacement for that. Just my 2 cents and the real expert on this is pollytintop


Before declaring the phone dead.... Have you tried iTunes to see if it recognises the phone?

Things to replace/check before declaration of death are.... Battery, dock and LCD. I'm not sure that simply replacing the ribbons will diagnose or fix a faulty display.

If you have another iPhone and feel confident you could swap the logic boards to see faults


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Chek if the battery is well connected to the board, if everithing is ok then you¡r iPhone must to be death :(

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