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The iRobot Roomba 770 is a cordless, autonomous vacuum that will clean your floor without supervision.

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Blue light flashing on robot

There is a blue light flashing on the machine and it is making a thumping sound

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My blue flashing light looks like a magnifying glass, what is that for.


I have a flashing blue light but the indicator looks like a small circle with a few emitting beams, also the side brush is not moving at all.


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@baldly Roomba 700 and 800: When in Dirt Detect mode, the blue Dirt Detect indicator will flash. You did not tell us which light. The dirt detect is the magnifying light. Make sure that you check the brushes and clean them well. If there is debris stuck on those they may trigger the dirt-detector sensor and you get your blue light flashing.

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I keep my roomba pretty clean. I cleaned thoroughly and it worked for a few minutes. Then it went back to blue light and thumping noise. Any more suggestions?


I have exactly the same problem


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I had a blue star flashing and a thumping sound. I have the 770 model, so I went to the Roomba site and found this video: https://homesupport.irobot.com/app/answe...

It was simply a matter of cleaning the front wheel (I did not know it came out to clean it) and cleaning the brush and roller (I actually replaced them since I had spare parts on hand).

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