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Released in 2003, the iBook G4 replaced the iBook G3 as Apple's portable consumer computer.

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Any way to recover files after "Image Restore"?

My trusty iBook G4 that I've had no trouble with for the past 7 years was just hijacked by the OSX Leopard operating system from another network - long story on how it happened, but the short story is that I don't know what to do!

I work at a university and the IT folks tell me that all my stuff from the past 7 yrs is gone - is this true?? Is there any way to recover it??

Please help!


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What exactly happened with this highjacking? What did it do to your hard drive?What systems were you running before? Is the data in system 9?


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I would try other means before using a recovery program--once you start that you are done. If you need the computer now I would remove the hard drive and replace it with another to minimize any write-over of your data. In the mean time we need more data so please answer mayers questions as this will help us plan the next step.

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+ rj713 I agree with you whole heatedly on removing the hard drive and installing another one. If they don't they are just writing over the data they want to keep. Personal opinion I would by 2 hard drives at least the size of the original hard drive. I would install one so you can use your computer now. Use the other one to transfer the data onto from another computer. I've experience data recovery programs taking several days to do their thing depending on the size of the drive and the amount of data to be recovered. I am not am not well versed in Apple. In the Window's world using data recovery programs have little to no affect on the integrity on the data that exist on a drive. My experience has been do nothing with the hard drive besides get the data off of it and the information is still there. I've even experienced fairly successful data recovery off of hard drives that have been reformatted and/or repartitioned, with out the need of a clean room.


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There are free software that can help you... just google search "file recovery". If this cannot help then you can always fork out about $1000 to have it professional done.


This FREE software has done wonders for my customers on several occasions. Go here http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk However, if this doesn't work for you then you'll have to fork out some big bucks to get what you want.

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Tim if you aren't moving the data to another hard drive, you are overwriting the data on the hard drive. Also none of the programs that really recover anything are free. Perhaps some of the shareware ones will let you recoup a small amount of data before giving them some money. But no snake oil isn't free.


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