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The ZTE ZMax Pro is identified by its black color, rear fingerprint sensor and its model name, Z981, which can be found under the rear case.

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Charger not working, replaced battery and charger port.

My ZTE ZMax Pro Z981 would only flash the white light while charging. But after a few hrs of charge, the screen would come on saying battery was empty. Please allow phone to charge a few minuted before powering on. And had a red bar in the battery. After a bit the battery critically low warning would come on the bar would be orange then would begin to charge. It would only make it to 3% then it would stop charging. Powering it on it would come on at 1% then die. I thought it do to the battery so I had an old zmax pro with broken screen swapped the battery and the port, phone come right on when the phone died it did as it did before going right to red battery then orange then 1-3% and would not charge. Hard reset. Wiped cache. Still the same. Please help.

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Just a thought...but have you tried a new ZTE cable and brick? I know that ZTEs are somewhat touchy.

My Zte Zmax Pro is VERY VERY particular about the what charges it. I had forgotten mine while traveling and the closest place to buy a Type C was Verizon. Bought it, nothing. Wouldn't even recognize that it was connected. Took it back, got another one, thinking it was just defective. Well, got another one. Still NOTHING. Took the phone into the store and the same person helped both times couldn't even figure it out... But was sent a Motorola from Amazon and it worked great. That is until the way I was holding it crimped the wires inside and the battery charge went from 10% to 50% in 15-20 minutes to taking roughly an hour to just gain 5%.

Just got a new cable today, ZTE approved/compatible basically, and it is back to its normal fast charge. Tried my friends cable at her place and the charging was slower than a turtle covered in molasses...

hope you get this fixed....

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