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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Wont BOOT, fans at full throttle

Hi all, I have done a search but my problem doesn't quite fit the already listed ones. I have a 2006 Mac Pro 1.1 2.66 dual core, dual processor machine.

It has 11GB Ram (2x4GB, 2x1GB. 2x512Mb)

All four drive bays are occupied.

No BT or Airport, standard Superdrive.

The problem is that it will not boot any more. When I power it on the LED lights at the front, then the fans slowly spool up to maximum speed.

When it was 8 months old I had this issue, and it went back for repair and the power supply was replaced. I am thinking that it has gone again. Are my symptoms correct for this, or how can I definitively test further to confirm? I don't particularly want to pay out for a new Power Supply only for the logicboard to be toast.

Many thanks


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I have checked the LED's next to the diagnostic button on the main board and the only one illuminating when I press the button is the Trickle LED. The power one does not light. I am leaning more towards the power supply.


Charlie - Did you ever figure out this issue?


2007 mac pro it chimes but dont boot then fans slowley start runing


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Hi, Try to run the AHT for your machine. If you are able to do so it should give you a better idea of whats wrong. I am providing a link to Apple about the AHT. If you are unable to run the test I'm sure mayer will be along shortly to assist. Good luck


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Hi, I have the AHT on the original Boot discs, however as the machine won't start I'm kinda stuck....Thanks tho.


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I realize that this is a very late response, but perhaps it will help others who search the "Answers Index" area here.

Have you tried a(n) SMC reset? This can "cure" a lot of issues.

  • Reset SMC of an iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini:
  • Shut down the computer.
  • Unplug the computer's power cord.
  • Wait fifteen - twenty seconds.
  • Attach the computer's power cord.
  • Wait five seconds, then press the power button to turn on the computer.


  • Shut down your Mac
  • Disconnect the power cord

  • Wait fifteen - twenty seconds.
  • Press and hold the Mac’s power button for 5 seconds
Release the button

  • Reattach the power cables and boot the Mac as usual

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In short, I bought a donor Mac Pro and swapped parts until I found the culprit - it was the back plane board. i.e. the logic board. I bought a new one for relatively cheap and things worked fine.

Shortly after that the power supply unit (PSU) failed me so I bought a used replacement one and things were back up and running.

I feel like an expert with these machines now. Just wish they could keep pace with the new M1s that will be coming out, because their repairability is actually quite outstanding.

It’s okay that things break after awhile. As long as you can fix it yourself and for a reasonable price. Makes you appreciate them more anyway once you’ve gotten your hands dirty. Just like older vehicles.

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