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Why is my phone not receiving calls?

I can make calls on my Huawei, make and receive texts, but for some reason am having difficulty getting calls. People who call get the message that the service is unavailable. Is this a problem with the phone or with the service?

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I need your help, I can't receive calls since this morning but can text, get whatsapp n sending n can make calls.


I have the same phone however when my girlfriend calls me its rings but from other contacts it says on the screen such and such called and rang you for so many seconds but the phone doesn't ring but beeps when the call stops.

Don't know if your getting this problem too only started after last update I done and I can't se this to change it in setting message me back if you have a fix for this please brianmagee89@gmail.com thanks.


I have a problem of my P20 as I cannot get incoming calls please help.


@Monwabisi Craig Mbenya ,

Can you call out OK from the phone?

What do you hear when you call your P20 phone number from another phone? Ringtone, engaged tone, voice announcement etc?

Have you checked that you haven't set up diversion for the P20 phone number to another number?

What have you checked?


I can't recieve calls but i can send text and make a call


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use 2G instead of 3G/4G and try (2G is more stable).

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Yes...after disable 4G,phone received and ringging as usual.. Thanks you!i am using honor6 and phone rarely support 3G only wheater it have 4G boost.


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Settings, find reset network settings, go to updates update profile, update prl, update software.

Reset device.

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I found the problem is why the user's phone can not receive calls. In my experience, I had a problem with not being able to listen to my voicemail at the time. On the contacts you have;

1# voicemail: 121

2# voicemail ON: 1212

3# voicemail OFF: 1213

By activating the voicemail ON by calling it in order to make the voicemail work, all calls that the user's contacts makes goes straight to voicemail. To deactivate this, call voicemail OFF, and the user will be able to revise calls.

I hope this helps

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