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What could be wrong with my tablet?

Almost 2 years ago i powered off my tablet then when i tried to turn it back on it just didn't. I tried back then all different methods in order to fix it but none of them happened to work.until Now .

(i left it charging for hours

i pressed the two buttoms (volume up + power)

help please T -T

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Does the charging LED lights up if you connect your AC adapter to the tablet? And does it shows any reactions after you plugged in the adapter?

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No it doesn't show any kind of reaction ! :(


Maybe a defect AC adapter or cable? Do you have another one to crosstest them with a working adapter?

After it shows no reactions at all wether it could be the powersource only but also a complete death of the motherboard. Actually I have no information if the system would boot up if the battery is completely death or removed - but this could be the next step if you want to open the system.


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