The Samsung SHG-A237 is a quad-band world roaming phone with a VGA camera, MMS, an external display, and a speakerphone.

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Why can't I suddenly make or receive texts or calls?

in the middle of a text conversation with someone, suddenly none of my texts would go thru-- kept getting "retry?" message, and i am not receiving texts either. tried to make calls and i get message "emergency calls only", and when someone calls me they get a message to leave a voice mail, but i get no alert or message that a call has come in.

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linda, without trying to be insulting or anything. You do have a phone connection and did not get cut of by your provider? I would start there to make sure that you have service. Check your sim card make sure it is in right. Last but not least for now try to disable the Airplane Mode setting just in case it is on:

1. From the standby screen, press the right soft key for Menu

2. Select Settings (9)

3. Select Set Phone (5)

4. Select Airplane Mode (5)

5. Highlight either On or Off, using the navigation keys

6. Press the left soft key to Save the Airplane Mode setting

Let us know what is working on your phone and what is not so we can continue to help you. good Luck

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thank you. i have a connection/not cut off by provider. my sim card was in right. i'm not sure why the airplane mode came on all of a sudden, but that did the trick. everything is working fine again now, and i appreciate your help


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