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This is a standard irrigation system control box used for residential homes. It can manage a maximum of six valves.

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Not getting any power to the unit.

After returning from a trip, I discovered I had a blank screen and there is no power to the unit.

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My Rain Bird ESP- 6TM's screen says "PR OFF", while there is power in my wall outlet. Not any button on the controller now works. I checked the fuse, the fuse is good. I removed the lithium battery, the "PR OFF" went away, I put the battery back in, the "PR OFF" came back. Can anybody tell me what else to check and how to fix the problem? Thanks.


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REF: http://www.rainbird.com/documents/turf/m...

Have you checked the breaker? The wall outlet?

If power is at the wall outlet, then you can use a multi-meter to check power at the end of the power supply cord at the (24VAC) terminals inside the control panel - see Page 34. This link gives you the part numbers in case you need to replace: http://www.rainbird.com/documents/parts/...

Also, check out the troubleshooting guide on page 36.

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My unit has a reset button the back of the door. I now have readings again!

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