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I need an operator's manual for Murray Riding Mower Model #40508X92D

I've been searching online for an operator's manual, been to the Murray sites and to ebay and amazon. The Murray site has a parts list, but I need the instructions on how to operate.

Any suggestions for where to find an operator's manual, think it is a 2001.

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hi go here: https://www.murray.com/na/en_us/support/...

select riding mower add your model number and you will get your manual :)

Parts Manual - 40508x92d - Lawn Tractor (2001)

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Thank you, again, I'll try that.


you welcome!

just for let you know next time add comment to my answer and accept it:)

here you comment my answer with other two answer and you accept yourself....


I appreciate your answer and have found the Parts Manual, but need an Operator's Manual because I've never owned a riding mower before and would like to know how to care for and use it properly.

Thank you again.


remove "D" type just 40508X92 you will get other parts manual and two operators manual of model 40508x92G and 40508x92H should be pretty the same...


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