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Service manual for 30" A1083 display?

I need access to a service source (Apple) manual for a 30" Cinema HD Display, model A1083, marketing number is: M9179LL/A. Customer wrecked the rounded power connector from the display to the brick. I'd like to find a new connector, not a used one. It's the whole octopus harness coming out of the back of the display.

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You may have to see if the 27" cable will work. I'm finding nothing searching for the "30" LED Cinema Display All-In-One Cable"

But here is a new 27"

NEW 922-9743 All-in-one Cable for LED Cinema Display 27" A1316


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Thanks for the tip - but the LED Cinema Display A1316 is a different beast. The 30" one had an aluminum enclosure, whereas the A1316 looks kind of like an iMac. Has 3 USB 2.0 ports on the back. The one I need has 2 USB and 2 FireWire 400's.


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