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Die Nintendo Switch kam am 3.März 2017 heraus. Es handelt sich um ein Handspielgerät, welches auch auf dem Fernsehgerät abgespielt werden kann, oder eben aus der Hand.

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Where can I find a replacement Screen/Digitizer or When?

Long story short.

Display broke. (LCD)

Touchscreen/Digitizer still works.

Can't send it to Nintendo from my country.

Anybody knows where can i find a replacement LCD/Display or even digitizer

Or some information when it will become available . The switch has been out since march Anw. So there must be something

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UPDATE: Digitizers are available on Ebay and Amazon and LCD's are being made and you should see them on both of those platforms very soon as well.

Unfortunately, there is nowhere to purchase these yet. The 3rd party manufacturers in China have not finished making them. They are working on it and I'm sure they will be done soon but just no way to know when for sure. Once they get them produced you'll be able to buy them on Ebay or Amazon.

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Switch digitizers stared popping up on aliexpress a while ago! E.g. this search.

Just make sure not to use "nintendo switch" as search term, because it always returns zero results.

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