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Android smartphone released on June 2015, produced by Samsung Electronics for the AT&T network. Model number: SM–G890A

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Black screen but still charging


I have a Samsung S6 Active, while I have the phone in my pocket. I believe that something hit my phone but I don't know for fact. I try the up volume, power, and home button. As well as bottom volume, power, and home. But they both still have no effect. It's still show red notification when charging and green notification when complete. I thought it was because of the overheat from being in my pocket during a hot weather might cause it. So, I put the phone in the freezer in hope to drain the battery quickly. But ,still have no affect. I also try to connect the phone to my Mac book but nothing pop up. Oh yeah, if I hold the up volume, power, and home button, the notification light would turn dark blue, than light blue and dark blue repeatedly for a few moment. If, I mess around for a few moment with the phone, I can feel the regular vibration and noise for the ringer tone. The screen already have a crack but it hadn't affect the phone before.

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You need a new screen the LCD is damaged.

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