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screen black, but phone still on


My phone screen has been acting up for a while now, causing the screen to go black, seems to be only when i start the phone up into the OS.

By that, i mean whenever i boot into recovery, the screen works perfectly and has no issues, but when i restart the phone into the the OS, the screen goes black after the "OnePlus" logo and stays blank. sometimes it comes on for a split second.

ive tried installing another OS, with no prevail. Could it be the kernel? i have no idea.


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It could be a faulty software but as you have said it probably isn't and as the screen works like that then it's probably not a screen issue either. If you still have the warranty get it checked out.

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I don't have any warrenty on it. It's kind of confusing how it works fine in TWRP, but as soon as I go into the OS, it stops working properly.

I've flashed multiple OS's with no luck. Can a bad kernel cause this kind of issue?

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