MacBook Pro 15 Unibody 2009 No Backlight on LCD, New Logic Board

Hello, I have a MacBook pro 15in 2009 2.83ghz intel core 2 duo, and recently had water spilled on it. Most of the water was spilled on the LVDS connector on the logic board "there was a bunch of black residue around that area". After the spill, the macbook powered up and would connect to an external monitor just fine, but the LCD was completely dead " no image even with a flashlight to it". I just recently replaced the logic board and the LCD LVDS cable and now the screen works but theres no backlight " can only see an image faintly with a flashlight to it".

So my question is do I replace the LCD? if so do I need the complete housing unit or will replacing just the LCD sceen work? or is there something else im missing? ive also tried reseting PRAM with no luck. Any help greatly appreicated thank you.

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