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iPhone 6 PMIC toggle voltages (PMIC permanently ON / OFF all voltages)

Hi @refectio !

Some time in my life i have seen iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or 6plus water damaged or after MESON and CUMULUS repair which do not turn on. After measure voltages i have seen, that PMIC permanently toggle all outputs voltages. PP_CPU, PP_1V8 ...

After measure i found, than also line RESET_1V8_L is permanently ON and OFF.

Where can be problem? Last month i overheated two phones (iPhone 5s and iPhone 6plus) when i want replace MESON and CUMULUS.

I founted video on youtub with same issue. To this day i do not found any solution.


Sorry for my bad ENGLISH :)

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I've got the same behaviour on an iP5... After PMIC replacement on a water damaged iP. What is the toggle frequency? I need to measure mine accuratly but I would say 0.2 Hz


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Hi Tomas. I would check the following:

  • Verify the resistor on the 45_LCM_REXT line to insure it meets specifications. This resistor is responsible for properly biasing the MIPI/DSI interface circuit.
  • Verify that R0206 is within specifications and that C0201 is not shorted. R0206 pulls up the RESET_1V8_L line to 1.8V.
  • Verify the internal continuity of the RESET_1V8_L line 1.8V line by testing between TP2508 and pin C2 of Chestnut. This will require that you remove U1501. If this line is broken, then you will need to run a jumper.

Let me know what you find.

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