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The TI-36X Pro is a scientific calculator manufactured in 2011 by Texas Instruments, Inc. It features a solar cell and backup battery for more memory storage.

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TI-36x Pro Bug in temperature converter

Just bought a TI-36x Pro, I have a problem when converting temperatures

convert 0C = 32F okay

convert -1C = -33.8F not okay

convert -1F = 17.22C just not possible

has anyone else noticed this bug??? or can confirm it???

how does one report a buy to TI?? I could not find anything on the web

thanks for the help

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the problem is that negative number must be in ( )

enter (-1) F to get -18.333 C

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@resolved great observation but not anything that we could work out on here. I'd notified TI customer support

US 1-800-842-2737

Canada 1-800-842-2737

Latin America 1-800-842-2737

and see what they say.

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oldturkey03 -- were you able to replicate the bug??

thanks for the number -- call TI, closed, referred me to their website education.ti.com -- sent them an email -- will see what happens....


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