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Der größere von Apples MacBook Air Laptops mit Doppelmikrofon und 802.11ac Wi-Fi Konnektivität.

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Water Damage! (actually chocolate milk) Help!

Ok so my friend spilled chocolate milk on her MacBook Air 2013 A1466. She dried it out for days and turned it on and it works, but only when it is plugged into the charger. So now I'm helping her, I ordered a new battery on eBay thinking the old battery could be fried but when I put the new battery in it still doesn't work.

Now this is what I find interesting, when it is plugged in and powered on, the charger light is orange, NOT green. Normally when a battery is dead / bad / unplugged the charger light is green. Any ideas or leads?

I've been trying to clean the board with isopropanol but that chocolate milk is seriously caked on there. So I am also asking for suggestions for cleaning chocolate milk off the board. Which would have had water, calcium, and heaps of sugar.

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Sadly you have a bit more to do here. First where the spill was can impact how far you'll need to go. Often people spill things into the keyboard or trackpad so these need cleaning or replacing. If the spill was to the side then you may need to clean the logic board.

Allowing the milk to dry is not a good thing as it makes it harder to clean out now. As to how to clean once you've disconnected the battery (ideally removing it) we can use distilled water (not TAP) as the dried milk solids will go back into solution with the distilled water. Unlike tap water its pure H2O so it does not have the minerals and salts that will cause damage. Often I need to bathe the parts to get them clean otherwise a cotton swab (Q-Tip) and/or toothbrush is needed.

Once you know you got the parts cleaned of the milk we still have a problem! First chocolate is a fat so we still need to get it out as well. This is were a solvent that cuts through it will be needed, isopropyl alcohol is a good choice here. You do want some that is 85% or better. Again, we use the same approach going over the parts.

As it turns out isopropyl alcohol is also a great dryer of water so it will speed up the drying of the distilled water we used. Even still I would find a warm window sill to sit the part out on to let them drive for a good day or two before putting things back together.

Now the bad news. Keyboards & Trackpads often don't survive getting wet and then air dried without cleaning so you'll likely need to replace them.

Besides this system will smell like spoiled milk!

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Thanks for your reply, I've actually done all of this except I haven't tried distilled water as I will have to go buy some. So I can do that and hopefully get all the milk and fat out.

The keyboard and track pad work. Like I said the MacBook works except for the battery. I honestly highly doubt cleaning the board will even help with the battery problem but I'll probably do it anyways.


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I'd be using Isopropylene to clean it with as the alcohol will evaporate. As for the battery side of things, IDK, sounds like you need on board repairs of damaged\shorted components.

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Milk is water soluble! You really want distilled water. You'll also need the isopropyl alcohol (not Isopropylene) to then leverage its ability to absorb the water as a dryer.


I've been using isopropanol and it hasn't been doing jack. I've give the distilled water a go but I'll have to go buy some...


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