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I must change the LG G5 display

I know that Lg haven't own parts, so, what different about original display replacement Vs not original?

Thanks for answers!

Update (09/17/2017)

Thanks for help,

From Italy this part are out of stock, but i find original at 115 euro Vs aftermarket at 90...and i ask to myself the mean of 25 euro

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Always use genuine parts, you will save your time and make you fix much more easier, here are some tips:

LG G5 LCD display Replacement

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I'd buy an OEM screen if I can but if not available I'd just get aftermarket. Depends on where you get it but it should be just as good.

Luckily iFixit has a couple of these left in stock.

LG G5 Screen

Here's the guide you'll need:

LG G5 Bildschirm Ersatz

Hope this helps!

LG G5 Screen Bild


LG G5 Screen


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