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Can someone help me with this tool? How to set right voltage?


So i bought this:

Block Image

And i checked some videos(tuttorials) online. When u want to power up a phone, how can you know the right voltage? I checked some videos and people set 4,8V for Samsung phones. I tried it with two phones S3 and another Samsung and both just showed the logo Samsung on the screen and then power off. In most of the videos the device power up and people use the device.

So what am i doing wrong? How can you know the right voltage for a device?

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i usually set it to 4.9v


You may want to check out this YouTube vid: MCH-K395D Power supply review


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For an iPhone, you would set the voltage to 4.2V. You can check the relevant schematics to see what voltage the main rail (VCC) is at and set your PS accordingly. If you don't know, you could always set it to the battery voltage, typically ~3.8V but just look at the battery to see what it says.

Your problem may be that the PS is current limiting and therefore not delivering enough juice to your device. You can turn your current knob halfway to full to insure the device gets enough current. Then just look at the display to see how much current it is sourcing.

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Yes most of the batteries say 3,8, but if i put 3,8 on samsung nothing happen. So you say, that i have to play with the current button?


Sorry, can't help you on the Samsung...not my specialty. Using 4.2V where you have a 3.8V battery is fine. Fully charged, 3.8V cells are at 4.2V anyways.

Your PS appears to be a constant voltage / constant current supply. That means you set the voltage and then you can "limit" the current to protect your circuit. If the current limit is set too low, then your device may not power on because it is not getting enough current. You need to do a bit of research on these types of power supplies...this is a good video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6mKd5_-...)

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