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My 2008 iMac won't recognize new SSD drive

My 2008 iMac won't recognize new SSD drive, reset NVRAM, and reset SMC no changed as instructed by Apple community, and even changed the battery. i know the SSD is good cause I have put and connect is to my MBP as an external drive and its recognized. are there any bios like window that i can config the mac to recognize the SSD drive. your assistance is appreciated. Wood56jam

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You need to use the original grey or retail versions of CD/DVD OS-X install disks or if you have setup an install USB thumb drive that will work too.

Keep in mind your system can only go up to Yosemite.

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If you cannot access your SSD Drive try recovery of the drive using disk utility. Hold command + option + R until progress bar will appear. Choose the Disk Utility and format the new SSD Drive. Meanwhile, check out a similar Solved discussion. It might help you resolve the problem After installing, my SSD is not recognized after a reboot?

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This won't work as the drive is blank! And internet recovery is not possible either.


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