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Nvidia TV Remote Model P2575 need battery

I have an Nvidia Shield TV box that included the regular remote Model P2575. The battery will not charge any more. After opening the device i found a Nvidia 3.8v 1.4wh battery with model number 027-0033-000. An extensive search of the internet revels that battery model C1101410 that is manufactured for an ASUS smart watch has the same dimensions and is identical. model number 027-0033-000 comes up empty.

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How to open the remote?


Try hooking up the remote to the "Shields usb port" and doing a remote reset (press the 3 buttons down for 15+ seconds till it blinks) , May have to do this a couple times till it takes , but it worked well for me and was suggested this method at the Shields forums .


My remote stopped working like a year ago, and seemingly tried everything, including with nvidia support. I got an RMA approved, but never bothered to send it it.

I found it today, and figured I'd take it apart, as it was already dead, and figure out the battery to replace it (leading me here). At Jeff's comment, I decided to try it again... first I tried the first/top three buttons (the one in the middle of the directional pad), and the first two buttons in the middle, and nada. Thinking maybe the "other" 3 buttons, tried and this worked!

I think likely I wasn't holding long enough before, or just the wrong "3 buttons", but this worked with the bottom 3 buttons for sure.

Sadly I really can't seem to find a like battery for it either. Old listings on ebay, but none currently out there if I actually did need one. Disappointing...

Thanks @Jeff Richmond !


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